Monday, May 18, 2009

The Beach, Pasta and Cupcake Party, and the Garagement Part 4

It has been some week. Over Mothers Day I went with the ladies down to SanDestin. While we had rain and crappy weather here in Knoxville we had nothing but sunshine and pina coladas in Florida. It was so much fun. Here is a picture of us at dinner on our last night. The time down there was too short-but hopefully I will get back to the beach soon:)

Then last Thursday I had the second edition of the Cupcake Party. This time instead of chili and cupcakes I did a pasta buffet and cupcakes. I aspire to be as close to Giada from the Food Network as possible. This was her pasta ponza recipe which seemed to be a hit amongst the ladies. I wish I had a pretty picture before we dug in-but it didn't last long in the untouched phase;)

On to the main event-cupcake decorating. Here is Jen and Patterson doing what they do best-for Jen taking pictures for her blog and for Patterson being in charge of icing the cupcakes. That's not really accurate-Jen is also very good at detail work and Patterson can decorate with the best of us.

Our first project-corn on the cob cupcakes. Seriously-don't they look just like corn??

Me and the faux corn.
Me and the faux corn take two. Jen is a demanding task master when it comes to photo ops. I wanted to show how similar these are.
Next we tried monkeys. Here is me and my monkey.
All the ladies decorating the monkeys. This is the best kind of monkey business,
Close up of my monkey.
Jen and her monkey.
The whole bunch of them. Jen was upset I didn't have bananas to pose the monkeys with. It would have been adorable.
We then attempted lions. Here is my little lion.
The ladies prepping the lions....

The pride...
Here is the whole batch of cupcake cuties. The flowers are courtesy of Amanda (a new friend at the cupcake party.)

Jen and I striking a pose.

Scott is coming along nicely on the garagement. Here is a close up of the island top. I really think it turned out beautiful.
Side view of the island.
Here are the kitchen cabinets installed. The area above the sink will house open stainless steel shelves. What do you think of the color??

This past weekend all the doors went in. I gave them all a coat of stain (staining being my job if you will:))

The building inspector required Scott to cover the walls and ceiling in the entry way. Previously these were just roughed in walls. I am really impressed with how the entry way turned out. Here is a view from the top landing down the stairs.
View from bottom to top. Scott and I have been discussing what, if anything to do with the stairs. I think a painted runner in black or painting the stair treads black would be cool. Keep in mind that they are going to get lots of wear. Thoughts??

That's about it. I am taking it easy this week to gear up for the big Memorial Day weekend. Have a wonderful week:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Belated Happy Mom's Day and a Blast from the Past

Hello-Happy Mom's Day to all you Moms out there. Sorry i am late-but I just got back from the beach. In honor of the special day I am going to post some pics of us as kids, as well as my mom as a kid!!!

Here is my mom with three of her brothers....note the hair. Yeah-it was all the rage back then.

My mom again with one of her little brothers-I can't tell which one by this picture. Now that she can comment maybe she will weigh in with more info?

Here I am with my younger cousin Derek. I must have been 3. I love my bathing suit and shades combo. Stylin and Profilin.

And then mom cut my hair. And made me look like a mushroom. And then she dresses Jen and I in matching Laura Ingalls outfits. And THEN the Olin Mills ppl thought it was a good idea to simply "prop" Shaun up in the front of the photo. He has no neck...and looks hardly amused at the situation. That or he is saying "at least I am not in the prairie costume." Hard to say.

This has always been one of my favorites. I loved this short romper thing I have on. It had buttons up the back. I remember thinking I was cool (note mom let me pierce my ears so ppl wouldn't think I was a boy with my mushroom hair.)
No hard feelings mom...I think they are adorable. If only I could find the picture of me in the orange leisure suit. Thats a classic!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Scott and I went to a Derby Party at the Fort Loudon Yacht Club yesterday. Granted the Derby was just another reason to party, but it was unusual in the fact that it was one of only a few reasons to wear a fun hat. Also worth noting-Scott continues to be the luckiest human on earth by winning over $200 on the race. Pictures for your enjoyment:)

Scott and I. Does my hat make me look British?? I felt jaunty. Not often you can use that word!

All the ladies in their festive attire. Thankfully the rain held until later in the evening.