Friday, January 29, 2010

Before an "Epic Snow Storm" in E. Tennessee

I did not grow up in the South and have only lived here full time since 1998. Prior to that I attended college here for a couple of years. Suffice to say I have been here for while, but do not consider myself a true Southerner. I am more a Midwesterner-I grew up in NW Ohio. Land of lake effect snow and freezing cold temps. I don't miss it often-but I remember it and how we simply continued on. Don't worry-I will try to refrain from references to how I hiked to the bus stop through snowdrifts over my knees (even though I did.) I will also not go on about my bus with no heat where I wore mittens on my feet to keep them warm-ish(also true.) Snow was a part of life. Lots of it. Often from October through the end of March.

Molly in my parents NW Ohio backyard. Her first experience with the white stuff. December 2006.

The drifts on my parents back porch. They had to shovel a path for the dogs to reach the backyard.
The backyard.
Drifts that were likely up to my thighs.
One thing that boggles my mind every winter is how people react to inclement weather. Even the threat of inclement weather is enough to empty the grocery store shelves and throw everyone into crisis mode. With good reason-we don't get much snow. The last time we got 6-8 inches of snow was January of 1996. I remember it well. I was in college and the whole city, including the school, shut down for close to a week. No classes. No traffic on the streets. It was like Armageddon. It was FANTASTIC!!

Starting in a few hours we are expecting another "epic snow event." A storm system that stretches from Texas to the Atlantic Ocean. We could get 3-8 inches. Schools are of course cancelled for today-and not a drop of rain or snowflake has been sighted yet. Its so very funny. I don't hate snow. I would love for it to snow! I want to go sledding (haven't been since '96.) And I would like to be holed up in front of the fire for a day or two eating cookies and warm comfort foods.

Here's hoping/wishing/ dreading what could be coming our way. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bailey joins the jets, new accessories and BRAND NEW FURNITURE!!!

Happy New Year everyone!! I am so excited about a brand new year!! So many opportunities. Let me catch you up on the last few weeks.

Bailey was a very lucky dog this past year and received a multitude of new outfits for Christmas. Side note-Molly got plenty of stuff too and I will post photos of that later. He was very excited about this little jacket with a hood that my mom picked out for him. I think it makes him look tough, like he is in a gang, imagine him clicking his fingers and singing West Side Story show tunes.

Bailey as a Jet!

We woke up to a few inches of snow a couple weeks ago. Bailey and Molly were like little kids looking out into the snowy wonder. They also assume this position anytime I come home. It's kinda nice:)
I have been keeping myself busy during a very cold early January with a number of home improvement projects. I received some great mercury glass for Christmas and had to work it into my mantle decor ASAP. I also got a new clock which I think classes up the joint. I have been looking for a new couch for months, literally MONTHS. I was trying to find something in a fabric I liked, in a size that works and a price that wasn't crazy. I was often able to find two of the three but never the magic trifecta. I waffled and than finally sucked it up and decided to have custom slipcovers made for all my living room furniture. There began the fabric odyssey. Another couple of months was spent looking for the right color, texture and most important economically feasible solution. I finally conned my whole family into going fabric shopping with me in Vegas over the holiday. Many hours were spent. Bolts were selected and rejected. Some people might have fallen asleep sitting on the carpet bolts while others continued to look-you know who you are Dad. Its a shame I didn't take pictures. It was a tireless fight. Shaun, my brother, ended up making the initial selection of the chair and couch fabrics. Mom and I fell in love with the plaid fabric for the front cushions. Two hundred dollars later the project was officially started!!!

The couch before the makeover. See Bailey in between the cushions? It is no surprise to me why they are all flat and mishaped. I hated this fabric. I hated the skirt. I love the size and comfort level of the couch.
The NEW SLIP COVERED COUCH!!! Note I had her take off the skirt-which I think really modernizes the look. You cant tell but the fabric has a texture which is awesome. Bailey on the new couch. Right after this pic I threw a blanket on the whole shooting match to keep wet paw prints off my pretty new couch. We will see how long that level of devotion lasts;)
This is not great before of the chair. It was an eggplant color. Molly was constantly on it and she licks it for some reason? Not sure why dogs do that? Will be buying something to spray on the new chair to discourage this behavior moving forward:) THE NEW SLIP COVERED CHAIR!!! I love the subtle nod to menswear fabric I finally decided on. It really turned out better than I could have hoped for. I will be adding a blue accent pillow and cashmere throw in short order. SWOON!

Molly on the new chair. She loves this spot-hence the selection of fabric that matches her fur.