Monday, February 25, 2008

Meal replacement Bars, I mean BONES, and Pet doors with CURFEWS!!!

I just read this on msnbc and I was both shocked and awed by pet technology.

"...For pets on the go, a revolutionary new feeding system may be on the way to replacing kibble and cans of dog food. The patented WholeMeals system offers bowl-free eating for dogs. Developed by canine nutritionists and veterinarians, the “meal” is bone-shaped allowing dogs take time to savor the flavors instead of wolfing it down. The bones are available in various sizes, offering Jenny Craig-styled portion control and there is no messy or fatty residue to stain that brocade couch or silk rug.

And if you’re traveling but want to give your pets controlled access to outside areas of your home, the Catwalk and Dogwalk Pet Doors have taken remote-controlled garage door technology inside the home. A miniature remote control unit that fits onto the collar can be specially programmed to give individual pets different curfews to outside areas. The door slides horizontally upwards and stops if the pet is in its path. The codes can be set to accommodate multiple pets. Currently, if Fido is allowed out to play all day and Fluffy isn’t, there’s nothing to stop a second pet from queuing behind and sneaking out. But the New Zealand based company is working on it!"

Meal replacement bones and dog doors with built in curfews. I LOVE IT:)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pam is a HATER, and me and my emmy

Does anyone else think February is a SLOW, COLD and BORING month? It has occasional highlights-but not much worthy of a blog entry. I was talking to my Aunt Pam about my lack of creativeness for a new blog post. I was afraid my blog well had run dry so to speak. This is when I realized Pam is a HATER when it comes to blogs. She doesn't get them. She thinks they are self-absorbed. The conversation went something like this:

Pam-Blogs seem very self absorbed...why put all that out there for people to see

Me-Its a good way for people to keep up to date about my life

P-Why not just call them

Me-Its easier to broadcast to many...with the wonderful resource that is the Blog

P-Its impersonal

Me-Its very personal, like a journal for your loved ones to see

P-Why not keep a journal then...why put it up online

Me-Because I would hope people could enjoy my stories and pics. I try to be clever-etc.

P-You could just call

Me- Its not like I spend the whole time blogging about myself, I talk about everyone around me.

P-Still its your life

It went on for this for sometime. It was completely non-hostile and pretty funny actually. Maybe its a generation gap? I dont think blogs are self absorbed. But in honor of Pam I am going to share with you all my highest accolade. I am not going to feel bad for me "personal press release" (Obviously Pams words and not my own.) Enjoy and have a happy Thursday:)

Here I am with my Emmy from a few years ago. I won it for a website called (which my company quickly squashed-why keep a winner?;))

Monday, February 11, 2008

Georgia wants a piece of Tennessee

Sam Venable, a local columist, wrote a great article about the GA/TN border dispute. That's right-BORDER its 1813 or something. Georgia has come to the conclusion that their northern border is incorrect...-which means they want to claim a couple of miles of Tennessee for their very own. Mr. Venable really put it best, so I will let his article tell the story:

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sometimes a Cause Finds You...

I did not grow up with dogs. My parents did not get their first dog until I left for college. They slowly but very solidly became a dog family...adding pet children everytime one of their grown children moved out. When I struck out my own I knew I wanted a dog, and soon. I wanted something small...and fluffly-so I adopted Bailey. He was not a puppy-but he was perfect. When I graduated out of apartments and into my own home I knew I wanted a puppy. I looked at shelters-and found Molly. She was labeled a mix. As she grew it became evident she is a lab/ pitt mix. And she too is perfect.

Her breed gets a horrible rap. People ask me at the park and Petsmart if she is vicious. Sometimes it makes me sad, or angry...or outraged. People have a preconceived notion of her breed-and for some legitimate reasons. There are stories about pitt bull attacks and dog fighting rings. Many cities outlaw people from owning pit bulls. Most shelters won't adopt these dogs out-they are put down instead. When the Michael Vick story broke it literally brought me to tears. I still get upset just thinking about it. As an aside- I read a wonderful story today about the dogs rescued from M. Vick and his thug cowhorts. Its a wonderful read:

Breed specific rulings and legislation has not always been on my radar. But now I am Molly's mom and she is my cause. I take her as many places as I can. I work with her on obedience so that she always knows I am in charge (more or less.) I want her to be a shining example of how a bully breed can be a wonderful family pet. Tough looking dogs are most of the time just tough looking. They are huge marshmallows on the inside...and they deserve more then a huge breed prejudice to make their lives more difficult.

Molly at 6 weeks old....ADORABLE
Molly outside after a summer day in the pool....

Asleep after a long day.....

Many of her best pics are in bed...she is a Hollywood starlet in the making....
Molly Francis waiting for her ball to be tossed...AGAIN...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super, Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Hello All-and happy Ash Wednesday (for those of you who celebrate Lent.) So yesterday was both Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday which according to my muse (Ellen Degeneress) made it Super Fat Tuesday. I took it upon myself to not only vote in the primaries but also to bake a bunch of yellow cupcakes. Yellow cupcakes you ask? Yes-I love yellow cupcakes and chocolate icing. Since I am giving up sweets for Lent (TOUGH,) I thought I would go out with a bang yesterday and eat cupcakes. I had TWO. They were WONDERFUL. I had to divvy up the rest and send some with Kevin to his work and I brought the remainder here. My drive for sweets is so strong I dont trust myself with cupcakes in the house-so off they went.

That's all for this dreary Wednesday. Have a wonderful hump day:)