Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food Network shows-anytime, anywhere, Bailey gets shorn, HHI, and Windrock is AWESOME!!!

Its been a bit busy around these parts. Because I care-and worked HARD on this I want to share that Food Network long form is now available on iTunes. Check it out. We have some great content available-and will soon be launching a Thanksgiving and Holiday special. You don't want to miss it!

Senor Bailey got his autumnal hair do-but first he had to get a bath. I do that at home to keep the trauma to a minimum. After the bath he does on a bit of a frenzy-I think to try to get back at me. I took these pics as he calmed down.


I can't even LOOK at you!

What? You control my hair cut schedule-not ME?

Seriously-put the camera DOWN. This is not funny. I am tired of looking cute!

You are DEAD to me!

Then it was off to Hilton Head for family vacation. Our first whole family vacation in 17 years. Yes you read that right- since I was a sophomore in HS. We have taken family vacation but not with the WHOLE family. Scott got to join the first part of the week. The dogs got to go and are just now recovered from their adventures. Scott and I took a morning in Savannah too. It was his first trip and he was impressed. Fun times had by all;)

At dinner in HHI....
The iconic HHI lighthouse.

Scott and I at Harbourtown.

One of the gorgeous home in Savannah.

Statue along the riverfront in Savannah.

Last-Scott and I have been talking about taking the ranger up to Windrock mountain, near Oliver Springs, since we started dating. I had never done it and thought I would not enjoy it-but I was WAY WRONG. It is beautiful. We had perfect weather. I cant wait to try it again.

This was the view almost everywhere. It was so peaceful and pretty.

East Tennessee fall colors.

The windmills up close. You can actually see these from pellissippi, so its really amazing to think how far away they are and how BIG they are up close.

Scott and I in the ranger, on the edge of the bluff

View of the mountain below.