Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Beach, my bunny honey, and Boots made for walking

I have been one busy girl. Scott and I went on vacation two weeks ago. We went with some good friends and their kids and I have next to no pictures. I know. I will steal some to show you the highlights.

Our first day at the beach we went to lunch on the water. This was the view. I so wanted a boat and my dogs to enjoy a sunny Saturday like these lucky peeps.

Honestly-this was the only time Scott and I went to the actual beach. I like to look at the ocean but am fine sitting near the pool. I know-its sad;) Fortunately Scott felt the same way.

Scott and I our last night at the beach.

We did the annual Easter egg hunt the weekend we got back. Scott was the Easter bunny for the fourth year in a row. This is my second picture on his bunny lap. This never ceases to amuse me.
Me and my bunny honey.
We went with friends to see Reba and George Strait. We had such good seats and such a good time.
This was the view of the stage, in the round, from my seat. Which were UNBELIEVABLE!!!
We got there late, but still were able to catch most of Reba. We missed Lee Ann Womack altogether.

However, Reba brought our Lee Ann Womack, so we didn't miss her totally. These are two fine looking ladies for their age. I want to look this good right now, mine as well 20 years from now.
Reba-getting into it.
Reba surprised us with Kelly Clarkson. Kelly surprised me by coming out without shoes. I like that she was so comfortable-but can you imagine what the bottom of her feet looked like? It was really all I could concentrate on.
Reba brought down the house by coming out in this little number for her encore. She sang Fancy. It was awesome.

And then it was George Straits turn. Um-George is a good looking man. I had to tell Scott, who was secure enough to be fine with it:)
We were front row in the club level with a glass barrier in front of us with a ledge. I propped my feet up and then thought it was a nice view. PS-these are the boots Scott got me for Christmas and I love them!!
It was good to get home to Bailey and Molly. I am still in a state of unpacking some two weeks later. I know-tragic. I am taking up my spare room with unpacked goods and trying to change my summer clothes and winter clothes into their new closet homes. Its a process. The other day when I got out of the shower I couldn't find Molly. The last place I looked was in the spare bedroom. There she was-amongst the mess.
Whatcha talking about mom??