Thursday, September 23, 2010

the cobalt, molly is a boater, bailey does it shih tzu style, and a wedding in ATL

It is officially fall. The summer is over, even though temps are hovering in the
80's. Scott and I have spend ALLOT of time on the boat. Weekend dinner cruises. Afternoon lunch trips and a variety of fun in between. Here are some pics of my newest toy.
The cobalt.
Another profile shot.

I wanted to make sure both Molly and Bailey could get out and see how they liked the boating experience. Scott and I waited for some cooler days and took them out one at a time.
Molly on her first boat ride. She actually loved it. She doesn't like the sound of the vacuum cleaner but the unstable boat rocking and sound of the engines were totally no issue. She was at ease, like she had spent her whole life on the water. Maybe its because she likes being in the water so much?

Loving life. She ended up falling asleep she was so relaxed.

Enjoying the ride. Shih tzu Style!

Bailey enjoyed hanging out right near Scott's feet. I don't think he is going to be the master boater that Molly could become.

It's fall which means its football time in Tennessee. If you have been watching you know the season has not been super optimistic so far.
Scott and I after the first football game. Notice we are in orange, but we have yet to get near the stadium. Hopefully October will be our month for actually attending a tailgate in person;) I really like this picture but my hair is kinda messed up. Does anyone know how to photoshop out my hair?

Scott and I went to Atlanta for his cousins wedding. It was one of the most enjoyable receptions I have ever been too for people I don't know too well. The bride was lovely. The wedding ceremony was lovely. The bm dresses-well you can decide on your own about those;)

Scott's cousin in her bridesmaid dress. I will reserve comment on the bm dress fashion selected by this bride. She is with two of the groomsmen, obviously twin brothers. I have comments about them too-but will also hold my tongue;)

Scott and I are the wedding. He would have been rocking out his bow tie if he could have gotten it tied. He gave it a valiant 30 minute effort. Thankfully there was a normal tie back up.