Friday, July 24, 2009


Take a moment and hit this video. If you can watch it without wanting to dance, perhaps cry and most definitely smile then maybe we should not be friendly anymore. I love it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The big red mixer, ladies who lunch (and one small lad too), the lake and curls for summer.

I have been absent from the blogosphere for TOO LONG!! Not to fear, while I haven't been posting much, I have been doing lots and taking pictures. Here is a quick update on life as I know it. Scott got me the coveted kitchenaid mixer for my birthday which I could not WAIT to try out. Oddly the first thing I tried was cookies, and not cupcakes. Honestly though-I thought whats harder to mix then chocolate chip oatmeal cookies? With my handy tool it was a breeze.

Look what I made:)

Isn't she pretty??
Then I had a chance to catch up with Jen, Patterson, Lottie Sue and Cassady. LS is gaining personality by the nano-second. She was so good at the sushi place. Here is the photographic proof:)
Stone cold stare....not sure why she wont smile for me...hell she hardly stays still for me:)
Holding "her" baby. Look how big Cassady is getting
She couldn't hold the giggle in anymore.

It looks like Cassady is almost as big as she was.

LS getting pointers from her mom, Jen. We kept telling her that her baby brother is very much on the way. As an oldest child myself I feel her pain;)
Giving him a kiss. She was so very gentle.
All the ladies and one tiny lad.
Jen smiling for the camera.
We have spent many a weekend night on the boat heading to dinners near and far. This evening we took all the kids (and no this is not even half of them.) When we got back we were all tired and the kids begged a ride in the cart. We loaded them up and let the boys drag them back to the car. I wish I fit in the cart.
The Friday before July 4th we did a lake day for adults only. So relaxing. We had beautiful weather. We headed to PJ's for dinner and a scary round of karoke. Why do some ppl think they can sing in public? I for one am awful and only sing when forced...under threat of bodily harm. Here are the ladies...

Then one of the scary karoke people came up to our table to "ask us a question." The menfolk skittered away like it was their job, leaving us ladies to handle the red-neck crazy. Here are the guys on the way to the boat. I took this from our table where I was stuck "helping" the karoke lady.
And then July 4th and my favorite activity. SPARKLERS. Also-I am trying something different with my hair. Letting it be curly during the summer so I don't have to blow dry it. Its a nice wash and wear option. Feel free to comment. You know how I enjoy hair comments;)

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