Wednesday, September 17, 2008

#29. Have my photo featured in formal gallery. CHECK!

Like many of you out there, especially blog addicts, I love to take pictures. I take hundreds of the most every day stuff-like my dogs, my house, construction sites, street signs etc. I love taking pictures. I was patrolling some of my favorite blogs and ran across this story about a site where you can upload your pics and see what they would look like in a museum. EUREKA-totally awesome idea right? Here is the link so you can try with your favorite photos:

Of course, I have examples with my favorite photo. I took this one misty morning in Ireland. Something about the subject matter (old graveyard) and the early morning light make it my favorite travel photo to date. I took gads of pictures...but this sums up the experience. Take a gander:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Molly Most Agile

I signed Molly up for an "Intro to Agility" class at Grey Dog Lodger in Lenoir City. Every Monday, for the past 6 weeks, we have gone to class where she learns both commands and different agility obstacles. This is a canine event dominated by border collies and other herding dogs, but I thought it would be a good way for her to learn some advanced commands, meet other dogs, and expend some energy. I also thought we might have some fun together..and we have been having a blast.

Last week we began "sequencing" which means doing the obstacles one after another. I have some videos from last week. As a disclaimer, please disregard my appearance. It was hotter then the hinges of hell and we had been at it for an hour by the time these were taken. I thought only Molly would get a workout-but um, no its allot of running around for me too. The squeaking noise is her toy...some dogs will do this for food and some for toys (Molly falls firmly into the later camp.) Also note...most of these videos show us trying a couple of times, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again:)

This is Molly doing the A Frame and then the tunnel.

Here she is doing the hurdles....this one was tougher then most since it requires me, as the handler, to be very clear with my expectation (something I don't have down yet.)

And last...the tunnel followed by the A Frame...a little tougher still since she needs to have serious momentum off the tunnel to make it up the pitch of the A Frame (also comes down to me being clear and giving her plenty of room)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hunters and Gathers receive their due press

OK...I am not going to get into all the particulars of the hunters and gathers dinners. Suffice to say the idea was not mine if was the brain child of the Mowrers and the Smiths. They deserve all due credit...because what they did with the materials they had was amazing. I will give you my perspective. On Friday Jen asked me to come over for dinner with them as they prepared their hunter and gather meal. She said she would explain when I got there. I wanted to see Lottie Sue of course, and was also mildly curious. I seriously thought they were collecting food out of the trash and showing how it could be repurposed. But no...not really.

Here is a write up in the local paper on what they did. Yep-the Knoxville paper. They are big time.

It was also on the cover of the homepage. See there is little old me pulling basil leaves. I was allowed to contribute a bit. I did bring the wine;)