Friday, November 19, 2010

Harris Poll 2010

I read allot of blogs. I love them. The pictures, the stories and the IDEAS!! I love idea overload. One blog posted a tradition they do in their family on Thanksgiving day. Every year that family fills out this poll. I love it. I am going to do it for you all. Maybe you will read this and think to do it for yourself or family?

1. Something unexpected I accomplished in 2010. I convinced my body to run 2 miles, uninterrupted at a time and have been doing it fairly regular like.
2. Something challenging I hope to accomplish in 2011. I would like to get married;)
3. It doesn’t cost much (Mom’s $30 rule), but I wish I had it. I really like fresh flowers and wish I spent the money on them, just for me, more often.
4. It’s worn out and I need to replace it. My favorite grey v-neck sweater. I can't find another just like it so I keep sewing up the holes. Tragic.
5. A good book I read in 2010. A book I would like to own. I read the Twilight series at long last. It was entertaining. I would like to own the complete works of Jane Austin.
6. My favorite place to shop online? In the store? I heart Amazon online and JCrew in person.
7. I worry health...
8. Please don’t make me eat... OLIVES
9. But always have.... chocolate or ice cream to eat.
10. I hope my children will remember be for my... my sense of humor.
11. My favorite season is...SUMMER
12. It’s a little costly, but I would like to have... a closet the size of my current bedroom...
13. I will always remember... my third date with Scott;)
14. When I cook, I like to make... anything Italian. Wish I knew how to make...pies. I am going to try!
15. A movie I saw this year that I consider a “keeper.” I like the proposal. Was that this year?
16. I have a lot of stuff, so I’m going to get rid of... 10% of everything. I have been on a huge purge kick.
17. Shoes or clothes person? Shoes. I never feel fat in my shoes. EVER
18. My idea of a good party? A dinner for 10 adults at Copper Cellar, let the cocktails flow.
19. It’s time to do more... EXERCISE. I only get one shot with this body.
20. To help others during 2011, I will be more open to others opinions.
21. Something I will do for the environment during 2011. I would like to compost. Does that count?