Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Boat, a boo boo, the first bowtie and Better Homes & Gardens. much has happened. In the spring Scott and I started looking to buy a boat of our very own. We love going on the lake and were excited about controlling our own schedule since we knew we would use a boat of our own often. The search was long and laborious and I will devote a whole post to it soon as well as many more pictures. I liked this though...a peaceful evening on Lake Loudon the weekend we picked this beauty up.

A nice, quiet night on the lake. Its so calm at sunset.

That same weekend I had to go up to NY for a work trip. I love NY. The energy, the noise, the shopping. I love it all. When I finally got to my room I opened the curtains to see this. My view was of the left side of the big Times Square billboard. Can you imagine this view on NYE? Seriously-I could see the ball and the current year so clearly. I couldn't get a picture but if you looked out the window the other way you could see the Empire State Building. Thanks Millennium Broadway for a most excellent NY stay.

My room with a view to kill.
When I got to NY and saw my gorgeous view I settled in to call Scott. After I had been gone for just a couple of hours he managed to knock his head open while putting up the aforementioned boat. Thankfully his friend Hunter was there and promptly got him to a Dr. A Dr who happened to live right across the street from Hunter. The Dr, who happens to be an ER Dr (convenient neighbor) decided that the wound needed staples. And since he had the material he was able to do the "procedure" in his driveway. In his shorts, no shoes or shirt required. Scott received about 8 staples. There are MANY pictures of this event and as soon as I get my hands on them I will share.

The staples: BEFORE

The staples: AFTER

Scott has been toying with the idea of wearing bow ties when he dresses up. I loved the idea so spent some time being his personal shopper prior to a wedding we went too. I picked out many combinations-and he went with one of my favorites. A blue and pink striped shirt and a blue and pink plaid tie. Whadya think? I thought he looked ADORABLE!!!

Scott and I at a wedding a couple of weeks ago.

This spring I asked Scott if he would build me a planter box so I could keep a garden closer to my back door. I wish I had a before so I could show you how small these tomatoes started. They have gone CRAZY. Seriously I am pulling a pint of cherry tomatoes a DAY. If you are reading this, and you are local please contact me and I will donate my harvest to your cause.

View from the front. Check out my new garden planter. Scott made it for me in the spring. I love it!!

Shot of my garden from the back. I had to take a vintage ladder out there to help support the crazy growth.

The bounty from the garden.

Dinner tonight-notice the pesto-I made that from scratch with basil from my garden.
I have been working on recovering these stools since my mom gave them to me, about 2 years ago;) I didn't know where I was going to put them so I didn't want to rush into anything. But while I have been redoing the back room I found the perfect spot for them. More on the back room later-but here is the before and after.

The stool: BEFORE
Scott had to make some modifications to the stools to make them more secure. I love when he wears his safety glasses. Cracks me up:)

First coat of paint on the stools. I can already seem the turning into something great.

The top of the stool prior to the recovering.

The stool: AFTER