Friday, March 28, 2008

St Patty's Day Pics

Sorry it has taken me forever to get these up, but they are too cute to not show even after the fact. For St. Patrick's Day I bought Molly and Bailey some green wear... so they could be in the spirit. We had a brief dress up/ photo session and these were the results. God love 'em.

At first it was fine...Bailey was slightly OK with the shirt...
we went outside...all was well...

then he started acting disgruntled...

Molly was stoic...she wore the bandanna with Irish pride....
then she too started to turn against me...

Then she went and hid behind the couch...this is when I suspected it was time to wrap things up...
Baileys attempt to take his t-shirt off himself..or dig to china to return to his people...not sure which confirmed the photo shoot was over....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Hello all and Happy Easter. I have concluded that my family might not be checking the old blog as much as I would I am doing a mini test. I am posting a variety of embarrassing photos that will likely get their attention. Once they see their embarrassing photos and such they will call me and tell me to quit. Until I hear from them I will continue to post some fun stuff I have stored up. This is sort of reverse blackmail I guess. But I think its sort of fun...and I for some reason I can't stop myself. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

Here is my mom as a little girl, please take special note of the hat (very chic)...with her older and younger brother.
And here is my mom-circa 1970 something I assume...note the collar...hey-it was the "fashion back then"

and here is yours probably a year old...I do think this dress is adorable, even though I did not pick it out for this Olan Mills portfolio:)
OK-here are me and my mom and dad, at maybe three or four years old...also probably circa 1970 something. I want to point out two things-1. some designer saw that fabric and thought-wow this would make a GREAT couch upholstery and 2. someone in my family saw this beauty and thought- "i should but that and live with it for many years, making it the back drop for many a photo, yes I SHALL buy it. I can not live without it in my family room."
Here is my sister going nutso off the local pool diving board. She was a bit of a ham...
And her is aforementioned sister, Jenny, again with her zinc oxide sunscreen war paint. Do kids still use that stuff? We used to love it and paint striped, like little native American sun bunnies.
And here is my brother, Shaun, in his summer time uniform. Ball cap and diaper.

And on an Easter is my sister at probably twoish in her Easter finery. Hat and ringlets totally included. Adorable nation.
Now see-this is fun...more to come:)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone. Here are some photos from my trip to the homeland a few years ago. From this Irish girl to all those pretending to be for this today-HAVE FUN, BE SAFE!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tiny Laser MIRACLE

OK-so I just wanted to update anyone who might be paying attention. My eye surgery went SPLENDID. I was able to see as of yesterday morning, and i don't seem to have any unpleasant side effects like itchy eyes or BLINDNESS. All is well. A couple funny things to note. The worse part of the entire procedure is when he pulled the tape that was holding my eyelids up-off. I don't like the taste of my medicine eye drops...and in case you were wondering why I was drinking them-I am not, they drain down the back of my throat. I have to sleep with this plastic eye goggles...which Kevin thinks make me look like a bug. I love being able to see.

PS-today alone I have pushed up my glasses a half dozen times...and I am not wearing any. Hopefully that's a reflex that will fade.

More pics this weekend:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Big Apple and the Tiny Laser

I was in NYC last week for work, and I actually purchased a disposable camera to take some blog worthy pictures. Do you all remember the little cranking noise those disposable cameras make when you advance the film-it sounded like 1990 everytime I took a picture. I am sure Katherine and Courtney (who were traveling with me,) greatly appreciated the incredible tourist look I was rocking. I will post the pictures this weekend.

Tomorrow I am getting Lasik to fix my eyes. I am both excited and terrified of being rendered BLIND. I will post later this week to let everyone know how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed for me please:)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Skeletor and Gang

I don't know who originally sent me this..but it was sent to me by someone (to whom credit is due.) As a kid I was a big HeMan fan-not SheRa so much....I thought she was lame. But I loved HeMan and all his little action figure friends. Take a look at this rendition....funny nation:)