Thursday, August 19, 2010

All these Clothes and not a THING TO quest for an updated look.

I think I am fairly common in the fact that I have so many clothes and often have nothing to wear. While its not a literal designation it often feels like the truth.

I am a fairly conservative dresser. Anyone who knows me and has seen me would likely agree. My style, if you can call it that, leans toward preppy. I am self- aware and have tried both to embrace and change my look over the years. As I move toward my mid-thirties I think I am going to embrace what I like and what I gravitate toward. At the same time I am actively working to evolve my sense of style so I don't look like I am trapped in a 1998 JCrew catalog.

I have a plan to evolve into this fall and winter. First I have placed myself on a retail moratorium. I have not bought a stitch of clothing in a month as I access the situation of my closet(s) and figure out what I have, what I need and more so what I need to purge. Second I have gathered some looks that I admire. These looks have layering, texture, mixed materials and color all of which I like. Also these are "representative" of the direction I would like to go. I don't plan to rush out and buy these looks. I don't tend to dress so brown and grey...I do like color thrown in. Take a look. Send me some feedback-I think many of you are very fashionable;)