Monday, March 30, 2009

So Long, Farewell, a Very Sad Goodbye

Well-its very close to official. Katherine, PJ and young squire Jasper have left E. TN for the lovely landscape of Virginia. While this is good news for them, a new job for PJ and some settling in for Katherine and baby Jasper, its sad for all of us that have to miss them:(

We had a party at Patterson and Brads this past weekend to give them a proper send off. A party that was ALMOST postponed due to Baby Wilson's strong yearning to join the world early. But luckily he stayed put and we were able to party on!! Its best told in pictures of course. Here goes...

Matt, Megan, Tommy and Tabitha hanging out. At least one of them messed up this photo EVERY time I tried to take it. I would have put all 4 attempts on the blog, but I hate to encourage this sort of photo sabotage;)
Scott and I...very rare to see him on film-but he is REAL!!!Baby Wilson gets his Jen and Megan feel up Patterson:)

Katherine, Megan and Jen posting pretty.

This is JP and Jens holiday card for next year. Yes they both have OTHER significant others, but this photo was quite the production. There was hair combing, teeth checking and a variety of other vain endeavors to make sure they were picture perfect. And look-THEY WERE!!!

A little rock band was played...note how serious they all look?
Here are the ladies posing. Our blocks of color really make this POP!!!

Note I don't have any pics of Jasper or PJ...but they were at the party too!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Patterson's Having a Boy and Jen is having #2!!!

We celebrated the pending birth of baby boy Wilson this past Saturday with a baby shower for Patterson and Brad. It was a beautiful day and she got all sorts of fun baby things. Including, but not limited too a seersucker smocked outfit (seriously I know-PREPTASTIC!!!) Here are some pics from the event.

Here's Patterson with Jen, Shon and I. Katherine was hostess # 4 but she wasn't able to make the long drive with little Jasper. Note-yes it's TRUE Jen and Matt are expecting BABY #2. She thinks he/she is a boy, and with the serious trend in boys its likely she is right. More to come as details develop!!!

All the Scripps ladies in their shower finery!! PS-I had the cutest shoes on...and don't have a pic that shows them. I am a tiny bit heartbroken about it-they MADE my outfit:) The food and the adorable garland that Jen created.

These were my latest cupcake creation. I used runts for the eggs, which in hindsight might be a little hard on the teeth for cupcake decor. I am already on the look out for egg like jelly beans. I will have these perfected by Easter.

And the grand finale-the diaper cake. How cute it this. Jen was totally in charge of this craft project and once again she outdid herself. As we become old pros at baby showers it is becoming increasingly difficult to top the last showers creative genius.

Green Pancakes, Bailey takes to the Job Site, and Molly and the TV ghouls

I have been missing for a couple of weeks. Sorry for that. As one fan said "my audience eagerly awaits," and I hate that I might have let any of you down;) But lots has been going are some highlights.

Obviously St. Patricks Day was last week. I heart St.Patricks day because it gives me and everyone else the chance to wear green, my all time favorite color. AND because I am Irish of course. Since I shared my pics of the Emerald Isle last year I didn't feel I could top that. So this year all I have is my picture of my dinner, green pancakes:) They were DELICIOUS!!! I wish I had made ham to go with them, so I could have been a bit more dr. seussish. But alas, there was no ham in the house.

I finally took Bailey over to Scott's house/ garagement/ job site a couple of weeks ago. Bailey is not a fan of most anything, including dirt so I thought it would be a fun thing to subject him too. Here are some pics of him enjoying the atmosphere:)

Bailey in one of the pieces of heavy machinery....I think he was scared into this very still pose. He was probably thinking about how dirty he would get if he moved;)

Looking overjoyed to be alive!!!

Feeling the cool breeze in his hair as he picked his way through the dirt
Finally-waiting in the car for me to be ready to leave. Probably thinking to himself-I will never get the dirt off my white fur. Let the licking commence!!
Finally...and probably the most amusing. I recently did my part for the economy by buying two new flat screen TV's. I know...two is excessive perhaps. But I worked hard and I really wanted them-and I got amazing deals. I set one up in my living room and the other in my bedroom. All appeared well for maybe 15 minutes and then Molly started acting schizo. I had many theories about what was wrong with her-the best guess I had was an ear infection. I made a vet apt for Monday (two days after the TV's were turned on) and she did have a very mild ear infection but nothing that should cause such odd behavior. Odd behavior such as circling the living room 10 times, constantly wanting to be outside (even when the weather wasn't nice) and acting generally skittish. It was scary. Finally I realized it was the TV's. She doesn't care for them. She has gotten better over the last two weeks. It was touch and go for awhile though. Odd girl!!
Ta ta for now!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Molly and Bailey and the long,cold winter

I have not commented on Bailey and Molly in some time. And while they are not human children, they are my children so it seems worthy or some notes. Winter is always so boring for dogs as they stay cooped up inside, but there have still be a few things worth noting.

1. Molly is now sleeping in until 6:30 every morning. She used to wake between 4-5 am and whine for her breakfast. In an effort to make her stop and get back to bed I used to wake up and feed her. Hence creating an early morning breakfast monster. Thankfully I have seen the light and moved her to 6:30. She has an internal clock that is always spot on, so if I were to lose power again I could count on her to not let me miss her meal time.

2. Bailey is becoming grudgingly more accepting of the dog door. I have a dog door which Molly uses all the time for her "business" as well as to see the world, sit out in the sun, bark at neighbors-etc. Bailey is "too good" for said door and barks at me to open the door. As an aside he knows how to use the door and has on his own multiple times-just not consistently. I have begun taking him to the back door and making him go through the dog door to get out. I hope he gets the point sooner or later. I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

And lastly-here is a picture of the kids from my recent cupcake party. They were mostly very well behaved. Bailey slept at Katherine's feet once we go going and Molly went outside to enjoy the sunshine. I was worried they would be on patrol for fallen sprinkles and such-but they surprised me with their manners. Maybe I have taught them how to not be hooligans after all. Pat on back:)