Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sanibel Scenery

I have take some fun vaca pics over the last few days and wanted to share. The weather has been beautiful-enough so that we both got a little sunburned:( More later!!

Here is the view, through the screen, of our condo. Tropical paradise wonderful.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, literally... the weather gets warmer every year it makes me think of my backyard. I am lucky to have a good sized, private back yard. I am unlucky to have a bunch of bald spots and a myriad of weeds masking as grass. I have lived here for over five years and for all the time I have wished for a lush-carpet like backyard. I have determined there are two reasons, one large and one small why this simply wont happen, at least at this house.

1. Its hard work to grow grass. First you have to till, then plant and THEN water. The watering is the hardest. You have to remember-that can be tough, and then you have to commit to going out there and watering everyday. I struggle with this-but its my small reason.

2. I have a Molly. Molly wants to play outside. When I pull out a hose to water...she wants to play. When I try to plant seed she walks in it. Kevin and I tried again a couple of weekends ago to make the grass grow. This time we got the germination blankets. We thought that would be better then hay...easier, cleaner. It went well for approximately 15 minutes...and then the dogs started walking on it. The other day I came home from lunch and found Molly nestled on the germination blanket-basking in the sun. Here are the pics as well as my commentary on her thoughts-ENJOY!!

these blankets on the grass are a nice keeps the prickly grass from rubbing against my belly...afternoon naps are so much more comfortable now.... the yard has a gazillion of these blankets-wonder why they just thought of this idea??
hey-moms home for lunch...coolio-TREATS