Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa or Elvis?

I am gearing up for my trip to LAS VEGAS for Christmas. Las Vegas you say? Why yes-my parents now live there. They moved from the pastoral town where I grew up in the Midwest, Perrysburg, OH to Las Vegas over Thanksgiving. I know-odd, right? I think so too. But Vegas just happens to be where my dad got a job. So while I will always be a Midwesterner-I now get to visit my family in VEGAS BABY.

Among many interesting fun Vegas themed holiday facts-here are my favorites:

1. In Vegas you can get your picture taken with Santa OR Elvis. This will be hard to resist-so don't be surprised if next years holiday card has a bit of Vegas flare.

2. They portion off a part of Caesar's palace and make an ice skating rink right in the hotel. I cant wait to see it-maybe Mom and I will go skating. FUN!!!

3. The Bellagio does a light show to Christmas tunes. Of course they do.

4. While the weather in Vegas is usually temperate-mom says it snowed yesterday. Everyone was advised to stay off the roads. Much like snow is handled here in TN. Mom of course was frustrated on two counts-why can no one drive in the snow and WHY IS IT COLD ONLY AFTER I MOVE HERE. I see her point.

I am sure I will have more information about a Vegas Christmas when I return. I can't wait.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dogs in the Dunes-Part 2

Of course while I was in Hilton Head I took some pictures of the dogs. I wanted to share some of my favorites so you can see how much fun they had. They partied until they literally would fall asleep ANYWHERE. Tired dogs are the best dogs

Molly in the pool, with Frisbee of course

Coming in for another toss...

Throw it now, THROW IT NOW!!!!!
Bailey lounging by the pool...take note he is on a chaise lounge. Naturally

Molly..when finally ready for a break would only settle on the other chaise lounge. My mom first had to give up her chair and then spread a clean, dry towel on it. Molly hopped right up.

Bailey needed to move to the shade so he made himself comfy under the deck chairs. He decided that mid afternoon IS the perfect time for a nap.

Molly noticed that Bailey had stumbled upon the nap plan, and she too, decided to join him in slumber land.
Bailey got sick of the ground and decided that Molly's chaise lounge nap location looked better so he took the other chair. At this point mom and I were sitting on the cement and our little beach sand chairs.
We moved inside to the screened porch to read magazines and Molly decided that one of the small human chairs was preferable to the floor. Once again she fell asleep. This didn't even look comfortable-but she seemed to like it.

Then Bailey decided that since there were four chairs that he should get one too. This time at least mom and I were able to remain comfortably seated.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dogs in the Dunes

I went to Hilton Head in early October and was lucky enough to be able to take Molly and Bailey. I had so much fun with them there. I decided to take the opportunity to get professional photos done while we were there. I know, they are dogs-BUT I justified it in three ways:
1. They are my family. Bailey is almost 10 and I only have 1, maybe 2 good pictures of the three of us. In this case good means we are all in the photo (smiles or even paying attention to the camera are too much to wish for.)
2. I am always the one taking the pictures so I rarely get to be in them myself
3. Getting a good photo of all three of us was going to require cat like reflexes and a very good camera, preferably operated by a professional.

I researched area pet/people photographers and found Angela Hopper. I highly recommend her. She was awesome with my dogs and very likable in general. Here is her website if you all are ever in the area.

Here are some of my favorites. There are too many to post at once, but trust me you will see more later;)

Molly in motion....

The orange thing at the top is Molly's Frisbee. Its akin to a child's pacifier. She is calm and good with it around and a little out of control when its gone.

Bailey and I on our stroll down the beach...he has to be convinced to walk on the sand and then he really has to be cajoled to get near the water-but he was a champ on picture day....trotting right along

Bailey-bigger then life.

Molly most serious...I like this pic too because it shows the freckles on her nose which I love.

Here's the money shot. Note Molly and Bailey were not required to wear khaki shorts and white shirts-but that's the route I wanted to go:)
I love these two of Bailey and I. He is such a love bug...and this really demonstrates that.
And seriously? How damn cute is this one. He is smiling!!
Molly in the ocean...I like all these action shots allot!

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