Thursday, June 9, 2011

In the interest of Pinterest

I have been collecting images I love forever.  Now, with pinterest, i can organize them.  AND take them on the go with me too appointments.  But I cant figure out how to "pin" an old photo.  I am going to load them here, pin them and keep them with me.  Like nuggest of truth.  Sorry if I didnt credit a photo-these are mostly old...before I knew what I was doing;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A fresh, clean page

I started this blog to journal the adventures of my first home.  The projects.  The pains.  The pride.  I talked about my life and things and it was good.  I am about to have a wild crazy summer.  Many of you know the details.  The wedding, the house, the move, the renovation.  Its allot.  Allot to talk about.  And I want to do that.  But not here.  This blog has come to its natural end.  I am starting a new blog.  Devoted to all the new experiences I am about to have.  I hope you follow me there:

If not I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventures here.  Thanks:)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I want to recap our trip to Southern Florida. Our main reason for the trip, other than a much needed vacation and the engagement to celebrate, was the Miami boat show. We went down the day prior and explored Fort Lauderdale and then on Thursday we were off to Miami. First we stopped at "THE ORIGINAL" Pancake House. Yum! Then it was off to the boat show. I am going to let the pictures do the talking here.

Wow-at the press of a button?

No boat show is complete without fancy cars.

This picture doesn't do this boat justice. It was beautiful-in the way a fine crafted machine can be beautiful. They got close to the dock, pressed a button and an automatic ladder/walkway came out the back to let one of the guys depart. It was very cool.

I LOVE the blue hull.

We came back to Fort Lauderdale and Scott discovered our hotel became quite the tourist attraction on Friday nights. The indoor pool is viewable from the bar-SCANDALOUS! They do a weekly live mermaid show. I don't know who was more excited-the raunchy old men, the children or ME!!!
The mermaid show at our hotel. I can't adequately describe it and I couldn't get a good picture either. It will be chalked up to one of those life experiences that you just "had to be there" to believe.
We were able to do the whole boat show in one day which gave us a FULL extra day to explore Fort Lauderdale. I wanted to play tourist and do the water taxi tour since I didn't know much about the town. I know these things are kinda weird...but I dig a city tour-be in by boat or bus!! here are some of the sites from the water:
One of a gazillion cruise ships we saw. These things are mammoth!

The world's largest iguana sunning himself. Literally 6 feet long.

A nice little place on the water. A 2 bedroom home on a corner lot,less than 1500 sq feet is currently for sale on the intercoastal for 4 m. Too bad I cant move my house down there to a nice water view lot;)

One of my favorite things on the trip. This dogs name is Murphy. He and his owner do this regularly, so often that they become party of the water taxi tour if they are out and about. I loved it-likely as much as that sweet dog does!!

Sunset in Fort Lauderdale.
Before we left for Key West I wanted to get some pictures of our hotel. Here is where we were lucky enough to stay!

View of beach from the hotel.

View of marina from hotel. We had the best of both worlds from a view perspective.

The pool at our hotel. We were so busy seeing the sites while we were down in Fort Lauderdale and Miami that I didn't even know this was there until the day we checked out. We were on the marina side of the hotel, not the pool side. Sad:(

The ocean!

Self portrait in front of the ocean. The only proof we have that we stepped on sand.

I will update on the Key West portion of the trip later.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The first 30 days & when all else fails....

Scott and I have been engaged for a little over 30 days. I think it has FLOWN by. We have the wedding set, the party set, the band booked, the food selected and the bachelor/bachelorette party conceptualized. We also spent a week in Florida celebrating said engagement. Oh-and did I mention that week before we got engaged I put my house on the market. I will get to most of the other things but right now lets concentrate on the house on the market issue. For some reason it's the most stressful to me of all the things going on right now:)

I knew putting the house on the market in the winter would be tough. Couple that with real estate sales being down 12% in January in Knoxville makes for FUN TIMES. But I have done OK so far...3 showings in the first few weeks and everyone that saw it loved it. But...didn't buy it for a variety of good reasons.
When all else Catholics turn to patron saints. The patron saint of real estate is St. Joesph. Yep-its true. From here on out I am calling him little Joe. I ordered him and he arrived (with complete instructions for burial) on this past Monday. if you are local you know that was the day of our epic flood. I am sure THAT was a coincidence.
little Joe in front of some flowers I got for myself. He really is little.

Close up of little Joe.

The whole real estate Joe kit.

You are supposed to bury the little statue (little Joe) in front of your house-upside down and facing the street. A small prayer is offered up and that's it. You hope for the best. Like I said the flood on Monday prevented him from being placed in the ground. Yesterday I kinda forgot about little Joe sitting on my kitchen table. Today I got TWO CALLS for showings on my house. This is unusual....I am crediting little Joe for this sudden interest. I came home and buried him.

little Joe's final resting place....

Little Joe is in the ground. The house is immaculately clean, again. The first of the two showings is tomorrow morning. Here is hoping that this person will love my little place and want to make it his/her very own-QUICKLY.

Oh-and little Joe wont be left behind. I am not going to mess with God and his instructions.

Instructions that came with St. Joesph. Obviously it's VERY important to dig the little guy back up after the house sells. I man left behind.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shock and Awe

Last Friday night Scott PROPOSED!!! I didn't want to bury the lead;) Here is the story:

I called him on my way home from work on Friday and he said he was already at my house. We had 6:30 dinner reservations and it was around 5:15 so I didn't think much of it. On some level I thought that he has purchased this army truck he has had his eye on and I was fairly consciously preparing snarky comments about the purchase. Not because he had purchased a big truck-but because he purchased something that looked like it should be on MASH, literally. Anyway-that's what I thought he was doing there. My imagination even went so far as to think he might have bought me flowers to ease the blow:)

I walk into the kitchen and am greeted by Bailey....wait for a tuxedo. I thought that was odd...i remember thinking-where did he get that followed by how damn cute is he??? So I was puzzled. Then I noticed he has a note on his back. Scott was in the kitchen doorway and told me to look at the note. This was my first inkling that something was up....

Bailey after we removed the hat. Nice view of his shirt and tails...

The note was a poem, from Baileys perspective on why we "Bailey, Molly and I collectively" should keep Scott and go so far as to marry him. I was floored. Then Scott got down on one knee with a spectacular vintage ring and asked me to spend my whole life with him. I said YES!!!!

Someone is not happy to be in a dog tuxedo with a hat!

I really thought we would get engaged this summer, so the timing totally threw me. I didn't see it coming AT ALL. I also am so extremely excited and happy with how he did it. Scott and I talk all the time about how Bailey taught me the patience and humor that is needed to deal with someone that is a bit grumpy sometimes. Bailey can be a total sour puss. Scott has his moments too. The fact that he included Bailey in such a very special moment reminds me how lucky I am to have him...and of course Bailey and Molly too.

And because everytime someone finds out I am engaged they feel compelled to ask-NO, i don't have a date yet;) I need to sell my house first then on to wedding planning...

Molly trying the hat....tiny hat...big head.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, Fresh Start

Hello Lovely Readers (all two and threes of you;))

It's a new year, time for fresh starts. Like every new year I make resolutions and usually by this time into January I have broken them. This year I am trying a different approach. I am making small goals to help me reach my big goals. This way I get lots of tiny wins. So far so good.
1. I want to be more fiscally responsible. This said-I am not, not fiscally responsible. I don't have credit card debt and totally live within my means. However, I might be putting more into my Jcrew closet bank than my savings account. At the end of 2010 I took a serious look at how much I spend on clothes and home items. Ladies-it wasn't pretty. It was very sad that as of 12/22/10 I made a small goal to not spend any money on clothes for 30 days. Like sugar or caffeine I knew I would have to go cold turkey to break the cycle. I can happily report-so far so good!!! I am shopping my closet so much that Scott thinks I am breaking my mini goal because I keep pulling out looks he hasn't seen.
2. I want to be healthier. Not skinnier, healthier. If I could be both-great. If not I don't really care. After a few minor health issues last year I realize you can't take being healthy for granted. I went grocery shopping today and stocked up on all sorts of good for me foods. Small goal-start eating in more and do at least one new dish a week. So far I have tried faro, homemade ham and bean soup, quinoa and homemade veggie pasta soup. And Scott and I both liked 3 out of 4-quinoa not so much.
3. Live with less. I am in the process of putting my little Pandoras Box on the market. End of an era. Time for new opportunities. More space-new projects!! I have been packing like a crazy person. Emptying out closets to make everything look bigger and better. Its amazing how much stuff I have. Out of everything in the boxes the only thing I have missed was my turkey baster (could have really used it when I made my ham a week ago;)) I am on a kick-and I like how much clutter free makes me happy. Maybe when I get to the new house I will just sell all the extra stuff. Small goal-pack at least a few boxes every week until I sell this gem.

Hope the first couple of weeks have been good to you so far;)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Save me from the SWEETS....and the Winter Blowout 2!

I heart the holidays. One of my favorite things to do is BAKE and the holidays offer the perfect excuse!!! I have plenty of opportunities to make sweet somethings, unfortunately I have plenty of opportunity to EAT them too! I can't get rid of them quick enough, but I am pretty proud of this years round-up. I made cupcakes, a chocolate cheesecake, peanut butter blossoms, gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies and chocolate suckers Here is a tiny sampling of this years treats:

Homemade sugar cookies-with SPRINKLES!!!

My homemade milk chocolate and dried pomegranate suckers. I tried this after watching Ina Garten do it on TV. She made it look really easy-and it WAS!! They are yummy-even though I only had one because I can't bring myself to unwrap another. Maybe I should put the cookies in cellophane bags with ties?

The little suckers all wrapped up-would you be impressed to receive these in a cookie tin?
Scott and I hosted the second annual Winter Blowout party at the garagement this past weekend. We had a great turn out and as always too much fun was had;) We upped the ante on decor this year adding a giant wrapped box as a backdrop for kicks.

The main attractions-a large wrapped box and our second annual Charlie Brown Christmas tree-jazzed up this year with the addition of the mop bucket and fake snow;)

Scott and I before the mayhem begins....

The party had many hijinks to I will devote a full post to it later this week. Suffice to say-adults can have more fun than children with a giant empty box. Who knew?