Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The first 30 days & when all else fails....

Scott and I have been engaged for a little over 30 days. I think it has FLOWN by. We have the wedding set, the party set, the band booked, the food selected and the bachelor/bachelorette party conceptualized. We also spent a week in Florida celebrating said engagement. Oh-and did I mention that week before we got engaged I put my house on the market. I will get to most of the other things but right now lets concentrate on the house on the market issue. For some reason it's the most stressful to me of all the things going on right now:)

I knew putting the house on the market in the winter would be tough. Couple that with real estate sales being down 12% in January in Knoxville makes for FUN TIMES. But I have done OK so far...3 showings in the first few weeks and everyone that saw it loved it. But...didn't buy it for a variety of good reasons.
When all else Catholics turn to patron saints. The patron saint of real estate is St. Joesph. Yep-its true. From here on out I am calling him little Joe. I ordered him and he arrived (with complete instructions for burial) on this past Monday. if you are local you know that was the day of our epic flood. I am sure THAT was a coincidence.
little Joe in front of some flowers I got for myself. He really is little.

Close up of little Joe.

The whole real estate Joe kit.

You are supposed to bury the little statue (little Joe) in front of your house-upside down and facing the street. A small prayer is offered up and that's it. You hope for the best. Like I said the flood on Monday prevented him from being placed in the ground. Yesterday I kinda forgot about little Joe sitting on my kitchen table. Today I got TWO CALLS for showings on my house. This is unusual....I am crediting little Joe for this sudden interest. I came home and buried him.

little Joe's final resting place....

Little Joe is in the ground. The house is immaculately clean, again. The first of the two showings is tomorrow morning. Here is hoping that this person will love my little place and want to make it his/her very own-QUICKLY.

Oh-and little Joe wont be left behind. I am not going to mess with God and his instructions.

Instructions that came with St. Joesph. Obviously it's VERY important to dig the little guy back up after the house sells. I man left behind.


I Do Declare said...

My cousin, Kim, buried the Joe in her yard and not soon after - SOLD! Good luck! Must catch up to get wedding + party details!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your engagement!
Aunt Pam

Katherine said...

We used St. Joe too!!!! Totally works! Though I forgot to dig him back up...given we were not in the state. I hope that doesn't bring some sort of bad luck.