Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Garagement Part 3, Cassady Lee arrives, and the Easter Bunny comes to visit

Much has been happening around these parts. On April 1, 2009 Patterson gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Cassady Lee. Her and Brad could obviously not be more thrilled. Jen and I went to visit him at the hospital and then just the other day to see his progress. He is a DOLL BABY!!!!

Little Cassady at the hospital...just a day after his birth.

Proud mom Patterson and Cassady. Yes I know-Patterson looks sickeningly well for just having given birth.
Jen and tiny Cassady. Since she has just recently found out she is having a baby boy this is perfect practice.
And then finally me and Cassady. I am only practicing for babysitting...but doesn't my hair look nice;)????
Here is Jen holding Cassady the other day. He has grown some, but he is still the cutest doll baby you have ever seen. Lottie Sue wanted to hold him BAD!!! She was really pretty good about it, and she is at the age where she is completely distractable. Unfortunately now that she can walk shes a HANDFUL to keep up with. I don't know how Jen does it. There are adorable pics of LS giving Cassady a kiss but I don't have any on my camera-Patterson help a sister out when you get a chance.
Here is a close up of the adorable Lottie Sue!!!
Her adorable smile...and seriously look how cute her HAIR IS!!!!!!

I took Molly to see the garagement. Unfortunately I picked a bad day for the visit because Scott was using his air compressor nail gun thingy do. Molly hates tools that make noise-and this one made plenty. She found the perfect space to hide-the corner of Scott's closet. It took my 5 minutes to find her-but then I let her hang out there until it was time to go. Note-the pic doesn't show that it was very dark in this closet too.

This is Molly before the nail gunning started. She seems happy to be there:)
A week or two later Bailey got another turn to visit the garagement. It was cold (that's why he is wearing his coat of course.) I wanted to photograph the new bathroom counter top, which seemed the perfect opportunity for a posed Bailey pic.

A wide angle shot.
Here is the kitchen with the island built, the counter tops on, and some of the top cabinets installed.

Side view of same.

And then this was too good to not share. Scott agreed to dress up as the Easter Bunny for all this friends children. This is his third year straight, and he was EGGSLENT at it:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Garagement Part 2

Work on the garagement continues. It's getting very close to MOVE IN DAY!!! Here are some additional pictures:

The bathroom with vanity and light, sans counter top. I was in charge of painting the walls (the color is such a pretty blue/gray) and staining the vanity. Doesn't it look nice?

Here is a view from the front door into the living room/ kitchen. Note the appliances and cabinets are starting to be put in place.
Here is something Scott lets me be in charge of-STAINING. He is not a fan of anything to do with stain or paint-so that has been my small contribution to the project. This is trim in its "drying" status.

Here are the kitchen drawers waiting for their forever home.

And this is kinda funny. As I was painting the kitchen cabinets I realized the color selected seemed awfully familiar. Then it hit me that the color is almost the same as the ranger. Here is a pic for the comparison. Note the dead dear skull-I do not heart that. The guys LOVE it!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Introducing the Garagement

If you have talked to me in the last 6 months then its very likely you have heard me mention the "garagement." Scott is in the process of building a garage/living space and its pretty unusual. When Scott tried to explain to me the concept I was skeptical. But when I saw it it started to make sense. On a related note-the first time I saw it was our third or fourth date and a trip to Home Depot and a forklift were both involved. As I have watched him piece together all the elements its really starting to take on a life of its own.

I will do my best to describe it. First of all its a GINORMOUS garage. When you pull up...that is what you notice first. Upon entering you realize its so much MORE then a garage. Up the stairs is a very urban living space. Its the perfect blend of man cave meets modern decor. I think its what would happen if a urban industrial loft met a shy country log cabin and they fell in love and had dwelling babies. Its a perfect mix of the two.

Its best described in pics. And there will be many more of these to come:)

Here is a shot of the outside from a couple of months ago. The pic doesn't do the color justice-its very nice.
Here is the inside from just a week or two ago. I am going to try to get a better pic to capture just how vast the space is. For perspective-I took this from the corner of the garage near the steps to the "garagement." It only shows two bays-and there are four in total. Its also deeper then it looks here. Scott deserves a special electrical shout out here too. He did all those lights himself. For some reason the electrical work was like a sedative for me so I wasnt very good company as he did this part. I kept nodding off;)
Here is the view from the entryway into what will be the living room/ kitchen. A few design notes. The walls are covered with rough hewn wood that is paneled. In this pic it looks like plywood-but it has dimension in real life. The ceiling is covered in corrugated metal. This is one of my favorite parts. I thought it would be weird but its cool in reality. The floors are also a rough hewn pine I think? Scott has done all of this himself...its been really fascinating to watch. He has been patient and tolerated my million questions on any and all topics that popped up as I sat and watched.
Here is what the floors look like as they were stained.
Here is a final look at the surfaces...the stain on the floor turned out so well.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The power of friends....

This is a touching video about the power of friendship..be it human or animal companionship. It makes me thankful or all the special people and pets I have in my life!!