Friday, October 23, 2009

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Bailey and Molly tolerate one another. They do not play together or snuggle together really. They will sleep in proximity to one another on occasion. I have had a contractor in for a few days finishing up some small projects. He came with a very loud nail gun. The dogs HATE IT!! So much so, that they have banded together until its over. Here is a shot of them from an hour ago-sharing a small dog bed. I guess they have decided to put their differences aside until all the scary power tools have left the living room;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gameday Saturday, a visit to Asheville, and a spider with loyalty

Scott and I went to the Auburn game. We stayed for just under one quarter. We both are more football on tv types;) We had fun tailgating though. Pictures to follow.

Then the next weekend we went to the Biltmore in Asheville, NC. It was Scott's first trip. We had a great time exploring the house and grounds. We even went to the petting zoo area where I had a close encounter with a goat (does anyone else find their eyes a bit creepy?) I wouldn't get too close because I was afraid. Yes I know, goats don't eat people. But this one had a look about it:)

There have been some scary spiders setting up camp on my front porch and flower beds. One in particular was HUGE. No matter how many violent rain storms we received this guy just kept kicking. I was actually afraid to take a broom to it because I feared its retaliation. I told Scott that because I let it live on my hosta I felt confident it would never come in the house. Scott informed me that insects and creepy crawly things are not known for their loyalty. In this case I think he is wrong, I have never seen a spider (itsy bitsy or otherwise) crawl up the waterspout. Thank GOD!!!

Scott and I seeing how many patterns we can introduce into one gameday photo;)

View from our seats, which we sat in for less then 15 minutes.

A friendly goat in a cart at the Biltmore petting zoo. Why was the goat in the cart? Because it wanted to be-it had four fully functioning legs.
Me getting a pic with the goat. That's as close as I wanted to get. That goat had it in for me...look at it looking at me. I am pretty sure I am saying "sh*t"

A little closer...for the sake of a better picture. Of course the goat wasn't looking. After two tries I had had enough.

Funky chickens. They looked like they were wearing Derby hats.

We paused for a geese crossing on the grounds.

A view of the countries largest residence.

The view from the back balcony. The day was overcast but you could still see for what felt like miles. very own eight legged wonder. I wonder if the picture does justice to its size. I actually called Bailey away from this plant everytime he went to pee on it. I didn't want to make the spider mad and I didn't want it to eat poor Bailey. It was GINORMOUS.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A September catch up

Um-what happened to the month of September?? I haven't blogged since AUGUST? I know, remiss of me. Lots has happened. Here is a run down of all the highlights.
We had a baby shower for Jen which she covered very well on her blog:
I do have a couple pics to share from my perspective:

Megan's mom took care of the flowers for the event. They were lovely. I sent Chris G out to take some photos and I thought he did a wonderful job. If that doctor thing ever falls through I think he could have a real career in photography-look at the composition:)
The ladies enjoyed the food and company.
Matt was in charge of photos from his perspective, I saw allot of this during the evening.
And then he got to have a hand in opening gifts, something rarely enjoyed by dads at baby showers. Mostly because they are not typically invited:)

A side view of Jen opening gifts, baby belly and all:)

Let's see-then Jen had the baby-William Rowdy, whom they will call Rowdy. He was born about a week ago. I haven't visited yet (have had bad sinus infection and want to be completely non-sick when I get to hold him:))

I went to the opening game for UT which is fairly unusual since I am a classic fair weather fan. I only like to go to games that are cool (like football was intended to be in you are from NW Ohio.) But-I had the chance to join the Vol Navy and I could not pass it up. Here are some pics from the water.

Scott and I before the game.
All the ladies on the back of the boat.
And then one of the boys.
The weather has been a bit odd here in E. TN. It went from summer with highs around 85 during the day to fall with highs around 70 during the day overnight it seems. I think this drastic temp change led to my aforementioned sinus infection. I did have a chance, while stuffed up and quarantined at home, to decorate for Halloween. I am fairly proud of my mantle this year. Take a look:

Here is one of the corners of my long living room mantle. This year I used books for height. I like how it turned out. The middle of the mantle. The crows are a recent addition this year. Molly thought they were a toy so I had to put them up while she was outside so she wouldn't notice where they went. Feel free to make comments about my Martha Stewart-equness;)

Speaking of Molly, and Bailey too. They are doing very well. I have some cute, recent photos of them:
Molly lounging on my new quilt. I will have finished pics of my bedroom to share later-so more on that quilt and the wall color to come.
Bailey, sleeping wrapped in a different quilt on the couch.
And then awake after the flash went off. Adorable.
Ok-all caught up. I will do better in October!!!!