Thursday, June 17, 2010

Derby Party and Antiques Galore.

I don't know what happens in the summer to my blogging ambition. It dwindles as the temperature rises I think. And most spare time in the house is spent cleaning and doing errands to allow me plenty of time OUTSIDE the house enjoying the summer. Here is a brief May recap.

Scott and I went to the annual FLYC Derby Party which was a good time as always. Toward the end of the evening Scott talked the girl with the biggest hat into letting him wear it. Pictures of course were taken:)

Scott in someones Derby Day finery. He was so excited he talked this hat off this poor girls head;)
Both of us save and sound, under the cover of the very BIG hat.

A couple of weeks after that Scott surprised me with a little trip to Springfield, OH for an Antique Extravaganza. I had been in the past and had talked about how much I enjoyed it allot. He thought it might be fun to go on up and see what we could see. My sister was able to come down too join us. We had a great time and saw and actually bought some pretty cool things. Many before and afters will be coming you way;)

The clock tower across from our hotel room in Springfield. It reminded me so much of the clock tower in Back to the Future. Except this clock worked...and it was in OH. Small differences really.

At breakfast before the big antique fair I was served a hard boiled egg with no yolk. I thought it picture worthy.

All the barns are named after livestock. The swine barn is my favorite because its located on the corner of Bacon Blvd. Poor pigs wont know what hit them;)

I love this old architectural salvage and every year I see it I wish I had a place or project to utilize it.

Old wood boxes and porcelain hands. All things I have bought in the past. But I showed serious restraint and passed on these beauties.

Scott was lured into the thrill of the bargain by these stoplights. One of these is now hanging int he garage. He was not able to avoid the sirens song of a good deal.

Jen and I hanging out in the ranger as Scott went through every stop light to find the "best" one.

Lots of garden accessories this year.

If I had room for this in my house it would have gone home with me. It was a GINORMOUS bird cage. I tried to convince Jen to get in it for the picture, but it was late in the day and fairly hot. She would not humour me.

Scott and Jen in the loaded down ranger. We were ready to load the loot into the cars for the ride home.

View of the back of the ranger. Thank God for the ranger!!!