Thursday, June 4, 2009

Boats, Birthdays and a bout with a nasty bug!!

Happy June everyone. I realized I haven't posted in awhile but there has been allot going on. We were lucky enough to spend Memorial Day out on the lake (Scott took a construction break.) We had a great time. Pictures to follow. Then we celebrated birthdays galore. Mine included which was wonderful. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! But what has really slowed me up is nasty turn with some vile flu bug. Started with a sore throat and progressed to a coughy, nose running, mild fever, achy body MESS!!! Thankfully I think I am about over it. Whew!! Here are pictures for your enjoyment.

We celebrated both my birthday and Hunters with a cookout last weekend at Kara's parents house. They have this great house with a huge view of the lake. Scott and I chit chatting near the overlook.
Smiling for the camera..
Later that night...much later...the kids were not wanting to wind down. So we fed them Popsicles and asked them to dance. They obliged. It was so much fun to watch.
Soon after we had yet another little kid party to attend. It was a pool party for Parker-and pool parties are my very favorite kind. Here are all the guys hanging out. Notice Scott is holding Carter who has all the sun and swim gear a kid could need:)

Last but not least...a pic of the ladies in the lake. We have been lucky to have some nice weather and we were more then ready to head outside and enjoy the time in Turtle Cove.