Friday, March 19, 2010


I am in the works of cleaning out my back room. The back room has always been a source of frustration to me. It was an addition, that was poorly done, so the first steps to make it inhabitable were to simply take care of the moisture issues. That has long been accomplished. Now its home to my treadmill and other assorted non-junk. I think I would like to turn it into a cozy exercise/craft room. I plan to paint the walls a soft blue and there is a wall of old farmhouse barn board which I really like this idea for. I like the different colors and the distressed finish.

My real issue comes when I start to think about a cozy chair. I am somewhat hung up on this chair. I really, really like it. I don't think it matches the concept above which I also really love. I want to stick with either blues or tans and would not be adverse to a combination of the two. Do you think this chair could be incorporated into a room that looks like the one above??

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monkey does hard time, Dresser Before and After

Here is a quick catch up via pictures. Enjoy!!

I come home to toys all over the house almost every day. I find them on my bed, under the bed and in all spots in between. The other day I came home to his. It appears Monkey was misbehaving while I was at work and was put in a bit of "time-out" if you will.

Here he is in relation to the other toys in the basket. It appears his punishment worked since he has not made a peep since this infraction:)
Bailey got this sweater for Christmas as well and I think he looks awfully dapper in it.
I bought this dresser a couple of years ago with every intention of refinishing it. Time slipped away. About 6 months ago my mom and I went and picked out paint...which is step one. I didn't really want to change the color much because I liked the weather grey...I just wanted it cleaner looking. This is the before.
I started sanding it by hand and realized VERY quickly that I was going to need some tougher tools. I knew paint stripper was the best solution so after an hour and many pieces of sand paper off I went to pick up some caustic chemicals. Woohooo I heart chemical assistance!
I made some serious progress, but soon realized this thing had three coats of paint over an oil based paint which was layer four. I really only needed to get it smooth enough for a new coat of paint so I wasn't to be deterred.
The drawers lined up like soldiers.
Here is an after of the same dresser with shiny new grey/blue paint and wonderful knobs. The official AFTER:
Here is a close up of the knobs...please excuse the minor crookedness. I didn't realize that until the pics hit my computer. By this time I didn't care so much. They are a clear swirled knob from Antropologie. I love them.

The entire process of fixing the dresser took HOURS. But its done and I love it. Bailey and Molly spent most of the time I was working curled up on the chair. They do have it rough;)