Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, Fresh Start

Hello Lovely Readers (all two and threes of you;))

It's a new year, time for fresh starts. Like every new year I make resolutions and usually by this time into January I have broken them. This year I am trying a different approach. I am making small goals to help me reach my big goals. This way I get lots of tiny wins. So far so good.
1. I want to be more fiscally responsible. This said-I am not, not fiscally responsible. I don't have credit card debt and totally live within my means. However, I might be putting more into my Jcrew closet bank than my savings account. At the end of 2010 I took a serious look at how much I spend on clothes and home items. Ladies-it wasn't pretty. It was very sad that as of 12/22/10 I made a small goal to not spend any money on clothes for 30 days. Like sugar or caffeine I knew I would have to go cold turkey to break the cycle. I can happily report-so far so good!!! I am shopping my closet so much that Scott thinks I am breaking my mini goal because I keep pulling out looks he hasn't seen.
2. I want to be healthier. Not skinnier, healthier. If I could be both-great. If not I don't really care. After a few minor health issues last year I realize you can't take being healthy for granted. I went grocery shopping today and stocked up on all sorts of good for me foods. Small goal-start eating in more and do at least one new dish a week. So far I have tried faro, homemade ham and bean soup, quinoa and homemade veggie pasta soup. And Scott and I both liked 3 out of 4-quinoa not so much.
3. Live with less. I am in the process of putting my little Pandoras Box on the market. End of an era. Time for new opportunities. More space-new projects!! I have been packing like a crazy person. Emptying out closets to make everything look bigger and better. Its amazing how much stuff I have. Out of everything in the boxes the only thing I have missed was my turkey baster (could have really used it when I made my ham a week ago;)) I am on a kick-and I like how much clutter free makes me happy. Maybe when I get to the new house I will just sell all the extra stuff. Small goal-pack at least a few boxes every week until I sell this gem.

Hope the first couple of weeks have been good to you so far;)

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